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Mantra Obsidian Triple Ingot Tiger

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a natural, glassy gemstone formed during powerful volcanic eruptions. Its smooth surface is formed when magma is rapidly cooled by water, making it a powerful gemstone to reflect negative energy and strengthen the mind. 

Rough Natural Black Obsidian Tumbled Raw Healing Crystal Stone Mineral  Specimen | eBay

Obsidian is perceived to be a highly protective stone and shields against negativity. When exposed to direct sunlight, Obsidian emits hues of cyan green, reflecting its ability to absorb negative energies and release tension in the wearer. 

”6 True Words“ Mantra 

The "6 True Words" Mantra is the Tibetan variation of the "Om Mani Pad Me Hum" chanting. In Tibet, this mantra can be seen everywhere. Chanted by monks during meditation, carved into sacred mountain rocks & painted into totems in temples. 

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The words symbolise:

ཨོཾ་  = Wisdom
མ  = Compassion
ཎི  = Patience
 = Diligence
དྨེ་ = Generosity
ཧཱུྃ = Bliss

Golden Heaven Tiger Charm

Know as the "Pi Shu" or "Pi Yao" in Chinese, this powerful talisman is used to bring riches to the wearer's home & workplace.

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Widely popular with businesspeople, investors & gamblers in East Asia, the Heaven Tiger "eats" the energies of wealth from its mouth and prevents it from escaping through its body

Finely detailed from every angle, the following character blessings are engraved into the Charm's reverse:

招 - (Attract positivity)
纳 - (Accept blessings)
财 - (Accumulate Fortune)
富 - (Manifest Wealth)

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Golden Dice Charm

This special dice charm is finely detailed with pure-bronze, containing the auspicious numbers of (1, 3, 4, 6) - opposite sides always adding up to the lucky number 7. 

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