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This blog post provides an introduction to the fascinating topic of Feng Shui energy, and specifically how Wind Water Stones create Feng Shui inspired jewelry to help our customers live their lives in accordance with this principle. 


Humans have recognized for thousands of years that jewelry has a special effect on people that cannot be scientifically measured. This fascination stems from deep within the human psyche and appear to bind with the natural laws of nature - in Chinese, this set of ideas is explained with the phrase “Feng Shui”

Feng-Shui is a broad Chinese term that can be interpreted as the English phrase "physics" or "metaphysics". At Wind Water Stones, we harness the principles of Feng Shui to design our jewelry to help people live their lives in accordance with the “Tao”. 

The Chinese words Feng and Shui mean, respectively, “wind” and “water.” This concept is derived from an ancient poem that describes the energy flow of human life as intimately connected with the flow of its surroundings.

Feng shui is a centuries-old practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces to bring harmony with nature, the ultimate goal being to harness the energy forces of one's surroundings to establish harmonic balance between a being and their environment.

In Asian culture, this energy-based philosophy is known as the "Tao", which roughly translates to "the way". The practice of "Taoism" involves harnessing the laws of nature in accordance with the basic principles of Feng-Shui to enhance one's life.

Basic principles of Feng Shui include:

  • The commanding position
  • The Bagua
  • The Five elements


In our everyday life, we spend a lot of time moving our bodies between different parts of the house to find the most comfortable position. However, how often do we think about moving the items in our house to achieve the same goal? 

Since Feng Shui is the practice of arranging nature’s elements to enhance one's lifestyle,  it's no surprise that the positioning of the items in one's room is an important element for having harmonious Feng Shui in your life.

The commanding position is the optimal position for one to control the energy elements of their own life. Feng Shui guidelines state that the “commanding position” is a position in your bedroom that is the furthest from the door and not in a direct line with it.


The Bagua, 八卦 in Chinese, are the 8 symbols representing the most fundamental energy sources of one’s reality, visualized as an interconnected swirl of 8 concepts. 

To use these Principles for your own benefit it's highly recommended that you focus on only 1-3 areas at the same time. Like many things in life, the Bagua states that the best results are achieved when your energy is focused in a smaller area.

We will go into more detail about the individual Feng-Shui elements in the future, and how they fit into our jewelry. 

999 Silver Tai Chi Spinning Amulet

Li - “fame”

 (note: not “famous” - think more in terms of one’s social energy) - reputation, passion,

 The element for one’s energy is fire, in Feng-Shui study, a strong character is strong like a burning fire. 

Kun - “relationships” - relationships, personal consciousness, marriage

  Kun is represented by “earth” of the “yin” (feminine) energy. Sharing much similarities with cultures worldwide, the concept of “yin” is always associated with the nurturing feminine, and represented by the pink color. 

Dui - “children’ - but a deeper meaning than just human kids.  In Feng-Shui, Children and family represents the continuation of happiness create a feeling of completion. It's colour is white.

Qian - “Heaven” -  Mentor, Father, Sky - The sky represents a helpful figure or mental like a father or influential leader.  it's colour is great and it's direction is North West.  elementally it carries a strong masculine energy.

Kan - water - career and life path - Car represents the water element,  synonymous  with all of the parts of life which one can choose to take. In Feng-Shui, The flowing River represents the origin of life and it's chaotic unpredictable nature as it flows, It's not surprising Blue Is the Colour which represents this Bagua Feng Shui tenant. 

Gen - knowledge - Knowledge, self-improvement  add skillfulness is represented by the elemental Mountain. Represented by the colour dark blue,  a color associated with wisdom In many of the world's cultures. 

Zhen - thunder - Representing family and new beginnings this area of the Bagua’s Feng-Shui energy map is associated with spring, the element wood & new beginnings. Associated with the feelings of excitement, revolution and division. 

Xun - Wind - wealth, abundance, prosperity. Wind is the embodiment of wealth and prosperity, much like how abundance in nature is dependent on positive wind conditions which bring about favourable living conditions. 


The five elements of Feng Shui include: 


Metal, a man-made element, is closely tied to mental clarity and logic - energies essential for creating this material. When a room contains metal, its energy can be easily felt and associated with one’s sense of focus, organisation and thinking abilities. 


Wood, a natural element generated by the patterns of nature, enhances one’s ability to create and mentally expand. A commonly used component in Feng-Shui design, wood is associated with the season spring. 


The element of water captures human spirituality and motion.  Much like the journey of life is a meandering River, the ebbs and flows of life are remembered by us humans in a liquid  fragment of emotion. 


Earth is associated with physical strength and generates a positive feeling of grounding, balance and stability in one's life. Earth represents both birth and death, for old life is decayed into earth for new life to take root, capturing the entire cycle of life’s journey.


Fire is a powerful substance associated with leadership and strength.  being part of the famous section of the Bagua wheel of energy, fire is a passionate, illuminant force that can be used for great power. 


In this introductory blog post we have covered the basic elements of the Asian study of life's metaphysical energy sources, known as “Feng Shui”. We have covered the 8 core principles of life's major energy forces and also a brief description of their corresponding energies, Directions, elements, meanings and influences. 

Congratulations on gaining an understanding of one of the world’s oldest systems for healthy living, we hope that you can use this knowledge to improve your life by harnessing the energy of nature.