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Spiritual Jewelry: Necklaces and Pendants


Spiritual energy is an omnipresent force experienced by people from every culture and country worldwide. This energy is usually invisible and cannot be physically touched by itself, however its influence runs deep within every aspect of the living world and is intimately intertwined with our emotions and actions. 

In an attempt to capture this energy, Spiritual jewelry is designed, created, sold and worn by people from all walks of life in every continent to capture spiritual force in a physical form. Since ancient times, spiritual necklaces and spiritual pendants have been a staple of humanity’s spiritual jewelry - from warriors with protective obsidian pendants dangling from the necks to healers and sages carrying talismans during their tours. 

  Spiritual jewelry designed for the neck has always been reversed for their position on the human body. Sitting as close to the heart as possible, these pendants and talismans constantly touch the wearer to transfer the energy of the symbol engraved materials onto their bodies, reminding them of the worlds’ energy flow principles which they are free to harness. 

At Wind Water Stones, we design spiritual jewelry based on “Feng Shui” principles, which is the set of East-Asian principles, ideas, stories and aesthetics to interpret these spiritual energies which exist in the world. Remember, Feng Shui is not a religion, it is an ancient Asian practice that aims to understand the dynamics of the world for the purpose of improving human life. Feng Shui spirituality intersects many aspects of modern disciplines, spanning across the scientific, spiritual and artistic disciplines. 

  In both Feng Shui study and modern biology, the human neck is an area of huge significance. Nestled between the head, chest and shoulders, the neck’s vulnerability comes from its containment of the body’s major communication pathways at a crucial location. Despite its perceived fragility, the human neck’s upright structure and central location makes it a popular location for adorning spiritual necklaces. 

  Spiritual necklaces can be fashioned from a huge variety of materials. The most basic design is a simple cord, or string, with a single color representing a variety of emotions and intentions. Chain designs, made from silver, gold and other metals can be inscripted with finely detailed symbols with surprisingly compact design of various characters and symbols representing various intentions and desires within the wearer & their environment.  





At Wind Water Stones, our spiritual pendants have been designed with inspiration from spiritual elements in Feng Shui and Taoism. The classic Tai Chi Bagua, a symbolic representation of the world’s interconnected and opposing forces, is used as a design for a spinning spiritual pendant. 

The purpose of this type of spiritual jewelry is to remind the wearer of the omnipresence of the world’s energy forces. When caught up in the tasks of day to day life, one can become embroiled in emotions, often negative, such as frustration, stress and anxiety, and lose touch with their emotional core. By wearing spiritual jewelry, like a necklace or pendant, one is reminded of the context of their pain and suffering. For example, as I am typing out this article right now on the keyboard, I feel a sense of tension and stress on my back. As I look down at my seat to adjust my position to alleviate this pain, the spiritual pendant I’m wearing flashes the gold-plated Bagua at my face, which reminds me that the physical pain I’m experiencing is a sacrifice for growth of the Southern regions of my Tai Chi Bagua diagram, representing Wisdom & Career. 

Spiritual jewelry can also have functional purposes! 

Our Silver Luck Gourd spiritual pendant is made from two pieces of S990 Silver (99.0% pure silver) that screw together to form a container with a hollow interior. In addition to the floral designs on the pendants’ surface, one can also choose to write whatever they like on a strip of paper, fold it into a scripture and place it inside the talisman. 

Whether a mantra chanting from a wealth scripture, or a motivational quote from your mom’s instagram feed, this spiritual pendant can carry any captured sentiment in its body. 

Who says spiritual jewelry and modern aesthetic can’t be combined? 

In our “Seal of Peace'' jade necklace, the spiritual element is automatically added when one understands the significance of jade. Embedded inside the scorching hot rocks in the Taklamakan desert, Hotan jade is an ancient material, often used as a charm or centerpiece on spiritual necklaces.  

It's simple, round design showcases the Jade’s beauty and smooth surface without standing out excessively in a formal environment. Jade is a rock long associated with spiritual energy. Being a symbol of purity, cleanliness and serenity, Jade’s tranquil appearance symbolizes calm, collected wisdom. 

When combined with a silver necklace and a Silver ring with modern seals, the ancient healing energy of jade is mixed into this modern piece of spiritual jewelry.  

Spiritual Pendants and necklaces can be fashioned with a versatile variety of spiritual designs. 

One of our Guan Gong Spiritual Pendants features the ancient warlord from China’s three-kingdoms era, dating back to 200-400 AD. By using a simple rectangular silver amulet , we have captured every detail of Guan Gong’s ferocity. From the dragon carvings on his broadsword, the subtle patterns of his armor to the highly individualized strands of hair on his beard and head, every component is captured to extreme detail on this spiritual pendant. 

Using another metal plate held by a silver spiritual necklace is the spinning protection amulet, inscripted with the 4 auspicious Chinese characters 平安無事, translating to “deliver peace, avoid problems. True to its direct translation, this phrase is often exchanged between loved ones before embarking on long, adventurous journeys. 

One method we use for including multiple symbols on a single spiritual necklace is by using moving parts. The amulet’s middle body rests on a hinge and spins 360° around its spindle, revealing the reverse of the amulet: a clear, reflective silver surface which can be used as a "shield" against negative energy.


Like other spiritual jewelry items, necklaces and pendants, on their own, are useless. 

The power of a spiritual necklace is created when the wearer is aware of the meaning and intention that has shaped their appearance. 

For example, this Jade Buddha pendant we make carries a familiar character in Asian culture almost everyone knows about - the Buddha. 

Without reading any further information, anyone who has ever seen the image of the Buddha understands its reputation as a somewhat “religious” figure somehow associated with Buddhism, mental calamity and Karma. However, the truth is, both the Buddha itself, and buddhist ideology as a whole, does not view the Buddha in any godlike perspective, nor is the buddha “worshiped” as an idol. 

Rather, the “Buddha” is simply a title, like “King”, “Priest” or “Mentor” . There have been many Buddhas throughout history all with their own unique stories and spiritual jewelry featuring different types of Buddhas have their respective intentions and energy forces associated. 

If one is uneducated about the design principles behind this spiritual necklace, then they may confuse the Buddha’s identity with a god-like deity which is deserving of worship. Because the Buddha is not a god, nor an angel, but simply a symbol of a human who is at one with the world’s energy, the uneducated mind is unable to grasp the complete spiritual significance of the Jade Buddha. 


Spiritual necklaces and pendants, like other pieces of spiritual jewelry, serve as a reminder to the wearer that the world’s forces are omnipresent and affect every aspect of life and experience. Since the dawn of time, humans have been capturing their perception of nature’s energy in physical items

Churches, monasteries, paintings, books, scriptures, fashion, art and jewelry are just some of the mediums used to achieve this. Spiritual jewelry comes in a variety of forms. Necklaces and Pendants are particularly revered for their close proximity to the heart - the engine of human spirituality. 

At Wind Water Stones, our spiritual necklaces and pendants are designed in accordance with East-Asian Feng Shui principles to capture the aesthetic of Feng Shui and Taoist energy. Using a wide variety of materials and designs consisting of metals, stones and stories passed over centuries of generations, our spiritual necklace and pendant creations are intended to help the wearer harness the energy flows of the world to achieve personal and community bliss. 

One must remember that spiritual jewelry gains its power to achieve intentions when the wearer is educated about the energy represented by the jewelry’s design. Positive change is realized when one harnesses the energy of their surroundings through their physical body to perpetuate a cycle of positive change. 

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