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Feng Shui Jewelry & Feng Shui Bracelets: The Art of Wearing Energy with Wind Water Stones


People from cultures around the world can all feel a common “energy” which is usually invisible, however deeply affects everything around the world, both physical and emotional. 

We build temples, churches and monasteries. We paint pictures. We write stories. We pray. We create rituals. We design uniforms and clothes. We visualize symbols and create designs to capture this feeling, and often represent those symbols everywhere. Paintings on our walls, statues in our parks and jewelry on our bodies. 

In order to physically capture this spiritual energy, humans alter the energy of the environment to shape the physical world into a reflection of the spiritual forces. 


In Asian culture, “Feng Shui” is the study of the unseen energy forces of the world which shape our behaviors and spiritual actions. Various types of Feng Shui jewelry are frequently created 


We like Feng Shui jewelry because it strays away from the mundane boring jewelry designs without spiritual significance. Don’t get us wrong, we like all types of jewelry - whether its made of jade, pearl, wood, silver, gold, string or paper, if someone feels good wearing jewelry, then it's good jewelry. However, we don’t like cookie-cutter jewelry that just blends into the crowd without leaving a meaningful impression. We moved into Feng Shui jewelry to help people harness the spiritual energy flowing throughout the world which is essential for personal and global wellbeing. 

The phrase “Feng Shui jewelry” is a broad term which covers virtually every aspect of spiritual design from East Asia, extending beyond jewelry terms. 

Applying Feng Shui to jewelry involves balancing expressing the full beauty of the designs with the dimensions of jewelry that can be easily worn and displayed the most easily by the wearer. 

A variety of symbols can be used for Feng Shui jewelry design, aligning to various energies one wants to achieve in life. The main usage of these symbols is to remind the wearer about the omnipresent energy principles which guide the direction of life. 

Feng Shui jewelry does not help the wearer gain power by magically delivering the energy to anyone who carelessly slaps a Feng Shui Bracelet on their wrist. In order to activate the individual’s Chi energy as a whole, they must first mentally educate themselves about the principles of how their jewelry has been designed. 

For example, if one wears a Feng Shui bracelet containing Black Obsidian Beads, and a Golden Silver Heaven Tiger charm, the range of ideas, thoughts and actions that can project from looking at and feeling the bracelet are numerous. 


For example, the Heaven Tiger, or Pixiu, has a ferocious appearance with auspicious character inscriptions at its rear. 

To those uninformed about the meaning of the characters, or unfamiliar with the Tiger’s true nature may for example assume that this bracelet is designed to create a sense of aggression. 

If they don’t understand the characters underneath the charm, they may imprint their own interpretation which is likely to be incorrect, however, they will never be 100% sure of the intentions of the creator of the jewelry. 

This is a problem, because they will be unaware of the reason they themselves are wearing this bracelet. Regardless of the intentions of the Feng Shui Bracelets designer, the wearer is forced to accept that although they appreciate the bracelet’s beauty and characteristics, there is a large amount of knowledge they simply do not understand unless they are educated. 

This yearning for knowledge, and desire to make sense of the world around us, may for example lead the wearer to seek knowledge to improve their understanding of the principles of Feng Shui jewelry to understand the implications upon their own lives. 

Our design of this Bracelet’s energy principles originates from the Bagua, the centerpiece of Feng Shui jewelry ideas. 

Starting with the gemstone beads which are made from Black Obsidian: according to the Bagua, this would correspond to “earthly” energies, which are synonymous with the “Warrior Hero” archetype, representing Loyalty and the “Earth” symbols. If one simply understands the basic interpretation, they are free to make their own interpretations when thinking of the Feng Shui bracelet. 

For example, when sitting in a park with a view of a mountain, one may look at this bracelet & remind themselves that the energy coming from nature is being channeled into their body. The Golden Sheath of the Bronze Heaven Tiger charm carries the rejuvenating energy of Spring & Summer. 

Some elements in Feng Shui jewelry are more self-explanatory and can be easily understood without targeted study. For example, the 3 golden ingots embedded on the rear of the Heaven Tiger charm easily represents wealth and knowledge. One will tend to associate whatever knowledge/emotion they feel from the rest of the item with their pursuit of wealth and knowledge. 


Our favorite type of Feng Shui jewelry is the mighty bracelet. 

Aesthetically speaking, bracelets are a versatile fashion accessory suitable for most occasions. Located on the wrist, this item is very eye grabbing and is extremely bold during social interactions such as handshakes and waves. 

Humans are social animals that are constantly communicating ideas and emotions about themselves and the world (which are interrelated anyway) to each other, wearing Feng Shui jewelry is a surefire way to immediately communicate strong energy. 

By doing any movement with your hand, whether it's drinking tea, working on a computer, greeting a stranger, re-greeting a friend, pulling out your wallet, keys or phone from your pocket, the design of a bracelet always leaves a heavy impression on the observer. 

Structurally speaking, Feng Shui Bracelets allow for much design flexibility making it very convenient to add a variety of Feng-Shui designs with different energies for the wearer. 

A Feng Shui bracelet may contain any number of elements that can fit as individual components stranded together by a string. (The string itself can even be fashioned as an energy component, such as in the case of the red string cord-bracelets.)

Our Feng Shui bracelets carry many directions of Bagua energy to assist the wearer with their personal intentions. These directions are achieved by piecing together different materials, such as gemstones and metals, while using a combination of handcrafting and machine methods to highlight aesthetic symbols. 

We’ve selected the best designs to create Feng Shui Bracelets from a variety of gemstones and metals. Most of our designs blend at least two materials, designs or energy components together. 

The history of Feng Shui bracelets dates as far as China’s Shang & Zhou dynasties, dating back to 1,700 BC. (note: these are just discovered artifacts, there are ancient mysteries and relics of the world dating back multiple spans of current recorded history which are still being continuously unearthed.) 

These Feng Shui bracelets which have been discovered are usually bronze, and one piece. Its certain that there were other types of multi-piece bracelets, however, the string material is difficult to stand the test of time. 

This bronze bracelet is hand-carved from Bronze, known as Qing Tong or green Bronze in ancient China, with a celestial dragon curling into its own tail as a design. The Dragon is a commonly used theme in the design of Feng Shui jewelry. A core component in the Bagua energy visualization diagram, there are 8 different dragons, one for each direction. Due to this piece’s weight and detail relative to the production technology of its timeline, most historians and archeologists believe this item was created for the royalty. 

Feng Shui Bracelets and other types of jewelry are also used by the commoners. For example, the currency in Asia was often Silver metal beads with a hole in the center for easy threading. Rare, valuable and exotic coins from all over the land were used to thread together various types of Feng Shui bracelets, making them a literal store of value. 

Coins are often issued by nation states with their own designs, created by the nation’s most skilled designers to continue their culture and traditions. Due to the coins’ underlying material being a universal source of currency, their value could be assessed by weight of material alone. This quality of a reserve metal allowed the jewelers to be more creative in their artistic design without the restrictions faced by the familiar modern fiat currencies. This creative freedom makes coins alone a strongly desired item category amongst Feng Shui jewelry collectors. 


“Feng Shui” is two chinese characters, literally translated to “wind” and “water” in English. These two elements, when mentioned together in the same word, refers to the general study of the earth’s energies and how they affect the environment mankind perceives and alters. 

Collectively, the earth is a mixture of the inanimate and living world. Although stones, metals and rocks, in standard conditions, appear inanimate and still, they are harboring multiple forms of energy, not all of which are scientifically measurable, but many of which are spiritually significant. 

The study of Feng Shui principles can be applied to jewelry, and Feng Shui bracelets are one of the most popular ways for capturing the earth's energies. Feng Shui jewelry usually does not possess any energy which can be harnessed by humans alone. Their energy is harnessed when one gains knowledge of the intentions and symbolism behind their design to use this intention in their own lives. 

At Wind Water Stones, our Feng Shui Bracelet energy principles are carefully explained to help you use their energy to your full advantage. If you have any questions about how any of this works, or any other topic related to Feng Shui jewelry, let us know in the comments. We’d love to share our thoughts!

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